Trim Belly Fat Fast

Trim Belly Fat : A Great Resource

Have a beer gut? Want to get rid of that unsightly stomach and get a great sleek and lean look? If so, this highly informative article written on that very topic will help you achieve that goal.

Study after study has shown that abdominal fat can increase your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and a number of other ailments. How to trim belly fat in this regard is very important and potentially life changing.

With that in mind the following points can be very effective to trim belly fat:

* I will not tell you to count calories but calorie in-take is a huge factor if you have belly fat. Calorie cutting can be hard because of hunger pangs. But if you spread out your meals to say 5 a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks and make the food you eat, high protein and high fiber, yet low calories, you can reduce calories and fight the hunger pains as well. By doing so you’ll be able to trim belly fat.

* If you want to trim belly fat then drinking water is important. The liver needs water to turn food into energy thus calorie burn, thus weight loss. Water is also a great detox for your body and will dispel wastes much easier if you drink more. The recommended cups a day is 8 but recent studies have shown that many factors can up that total for men and women.

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* If you want to be a couch potato, you will not trim belly fat; that is a fact. Exercise in any form is very important to trim belly fat. 30 minutes a day of walking after a meal is huge. If you are not prone to exercise, do anything you can; everything helps. The one point you must remember, just doing belly fat exercise will not achieve your goals. You must work your entire body.

* When you do eat, stop the high sugar, the high fat foods. Raw foods are best but I’m not a food tyrant. Get creative. Raw foods can be steamed, boiled, even uncooked. Either way, raw foods and non-dairy foods will give you the bang for your buck when it comes to belly fat. Foods that trim belly fat will boost your metabolism because they are easier to breakdown. To most important thing is not making just a list of super foods, it’s all about eating better and cutting out the fat and sugar from your diet.

* Sleep and rest are very important. While we sleep our metabolism slows. Even though the body repairs itself and in that process calories are burned. You should try not to eat three to four hours before bed. By doing so the food you ate may be stored as fat because your slowed metabolism will not burn it as quickly while asleep and will store it instead. If you need a late snack, nuts or cottage cheese are good choices. These high fiber and high protein snacks will stimulate your metabolism and trim belly fat.

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