Trim Belly Fat Fast

Trim Belly Fat Fast

I have had a problem with belly fat in my life. There’s many ways to trim belly fat fast and in this article I would love to share some of the things I did!

We all know that foods that trim belly fat are very important!

One thing I did on my quest was to eat as much raw foods as possible. Instead of bread and pasta I threw in salads, vegetables and fruits. I used to load up my salads with lean meats like turkey or chicken. The meat portion should be enough to fill your palm. Then I filled my salads with broccoli, mushrooms, onions, nuts, and even berries. Whatever I craved as long as it would cut calories compared and was lean or raw would go in.

All my life I have been very athletic and used to heavy workouts. With work and home life very busy I had to find something that gave me a good workout without taking up my valuable time. I found that walking is an awesome way to lose weight. I walk 45 minutes a day on my break and at a fast pace I can easily do 2.5 miles. So those who say they don’t have time to workout please remember that diet alone will not achieve the ultimate goal!

For breakfast, my typical cereal with OJ and Coffee, was changed a bit. Orange Juice is awesome but it contains tons of calories. I would easily drink 2-3 cups of Orange Juice a day. To cut calories I cut that to one cup. Instead of cereal, I ate eggs which is a great source of protein. If I wanted a change, I would eat whole grain cereals only. I got into oatmeal which is awesome for fiber intake. I didn’t cut my coffee and I want you to remember that things like coffee do not need to be cut. If you are cutting out a bagel or fatty muffin or those links, you are cutting calories! Keep certain things in your diet that you crave as long as they don’t blow your diet.

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Supper is the hardest meal for me. The reason is simple – you are cutting calories. By doing so, your body needs to adjust and without the normal routine your body and mind may rebel a bit when supper comes calling! But stay strong, supper should be your smallest meal. Portion control is key, do not over do it after working so hard during the day.

My plan was simple. Eat a BIG breakfast, then a small snack, medium lunch, small snack, small supper and then a small snack. Your body during your normal routine will burn off calories during the day. If you eat more early on you have a better chance of burning that all off. I’m not saying gorge at breakfast, I’m saying spread your meals out, keep them portion controlled, eat healthy stuff and exercise. By spreading your meals out, you will hopefully conquer hunger pangs. By eating so many times during the day, your metabolism will run more and burn calories. By exercising just 30 minutes plus a day it’s icing on the cake to boost your metabolism even more and tone muscle which is the arch-rival of fat!

Using these common sense tips I lost a good 2-3 pounds a week. I learned to trim belly fat fast this way. I also got a lot of help from the Flat Belly Code. This program I found is the Bible on how to trim belly fat. I showed me the right exercises to do, how to eat, and got me on the path to setting up a great diet plan with foods I liked. It was the bomb for me, you should really check it out!