Trim Belly Fat Fast

Foods That Trim Belly Fat Tips

What we know is that belly fat, especially visceral fat, can be very dangerous to our health. With complications like heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure and diabetes among others, we need to know how to trim belly fat. Think about your quality of life and your family please.

There’s many things that can show us how to trim belly fat. Foods that trim belly fat are very important because we eat and drink and what you eat and drink either helps trim belly fat or not.

One of the most important things we can do is drink water. Water makes up a very large percentage of our bodies. It helps flush toxins from our bodies. It also helps our organs work effectively. One of those important organs is our liver. The liver, with proper water amounts, works in wrenching up our metabolism when we eat and drink. The liver breaks down food hence calories and fat get dissolved and used for energy in the process. Without enough water the liver will store more food as fat and we will gain weight. There are studies today saying men should drink up to 13 cups of water a day, women 9 cups. But for now the universal number is 8 cups a day for men and women.

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High fiber foods are also important in anyone’s diet. Most adults get about 8 grams of fiber a day. The recommended amount of fiber per day is 20+ grams. Bulking up on fiber really gets your metabolism going and the high fiber food is easily dissolved which promotes weight loss. To trim belly fat, eat these high fiber foods. One cup of beans can provide 19 grams of fiber. Corn has 5 grams of fiber per cob. Anything bran can supply a good amount of fiber. A half cup of broccoli steamed can supply 10+ grams of fiber or berries like strawberry, cranberries, or raspberries can provide 5+ grams of fiber per cup. A good old apple keeps the doctor away with 4 grams of fiber per apple. As you can see all these are foods that trim belly fat.

High protein foods like high fiber foods are great when trying to trim belly fat fast. Protein acts not only as a metabolism catalyst but also a hunger craving remedy. Eggs, low fat milk, soy, tofu, fish and lean meats are good sources of protein. Any of these used in moderation should be plugged into a diet to trim belly fat.

Do you know that eggs contain great levels of B12? B12 is great for breaking down fat cells in your body!

Kidney, lima, navy, and white beans are the best beans to eat if your looking to trim belly fat. We are not talking baked or re-fried beans here, those contain way too much fat. What you do want to do is cook beans well, beans contain different proteins that our bodies are not used too. Either way if you want to know how to trim belly fat these high fiber…high protein options are great!


Grab the unflavored oatmeal and add honey for a great breakfast. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber and as I said, grab the unflavored brands. The flavored brands may be delicious but they also have a lot of sugar which is not good! If you like cereal, choose a whole grain that delivers a good amount of fiber per bowl. The more the fiber the better! Fiber will fill you and your metabolism easily breaks fiber down which is a great method to trim belly fat fast!

Cook with olive oil if you want to trim belly fat! Olive oil is a good fat as it helps in keeping cholesterol levels low which promotes healthy eating. Monounsaturated oil is the good oil found in olive oil. Just one ounce can provide you with up to 85% of your daily intake of this cholesterol fighter.

Snacking is the diet killer. Face it, it’s too easy to grab that donut or cookie. Some donuts have so much fat and sugar that it would take you almost an hour in a gym just to work it off..yikes! Change your choices and pick foods that trim belly fat. Fruits like an apple, kiwi, pears and anything berries are great as snacks. My favorites are any raw or steamed veggies with a dab of low fat ranch dressing. There’s good choices out there,  you just need to decide to trim belly fat instead of giving in to your cravings for high sugar and high fat snacks.

Eating foods that trim belly fat is a great way to boost your weight loss. But just eating these super foods doesn’t cut it. Exercise plus a healthy lifestyle is the way to go! Do you want to learn how to trim belly fat fast? I found a great program. It’s one of the top ranked belly fat reduction program on the net. It will teach you the most effective exercises and the diet needed to trim belly fat fast. Flat Belly Code is the way to go!